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"Washboard" Kitty Wilson
Washboard Kitty Wilson
Nov. 7, 1941 - July 9, 2016

Whether on stage performing or working behind the scene making sure the show went on, and as a wife and mother, Kitty's love for the ragtime, her unflagging energy and generosity enhanced all our lives. Truly, there are none to equal our dear "Kitty." We miss you.

By Julia Riley
My friend and fellow musician (Raspberry Jam Band and The Saloon Sweeties), Kitty Wilson, died yesterday. She had been given 2-3 weeks to live last October. I'm sure Kitty felt she had to make a liar out of that guy because she lived nine more months. Kitty was a force of nature. She had a zest for living and a love of music, books, movies and many other things that kept her busy and happy for her entire life. Personally, I will miss her greatly. I learned a lot of lessons from Kitty, one of which was to live life to the fullest every day. Kitty was able to forgive people who were not so kind to her and move forward in a positive manner. I hope I am ever able to follow her example. Kitty's thoughtfulness, graciousness and kindness was legendary. I was privileged to enjoy Kitty's friendship and support for over ten years. One of my best memories of Kitty was how helpful she was to me when I was in so much pain I could barely stand. She would come visit me and whoosh around doing all kinds of things it would have taken me days to accomplish. She not only saved me time, but saved me a great deal of pain in the process. Sometimes it is the little things we do for people that mean the most. Goodbye, Dear Kitty, there will never be another like you in this lifetime and we share the sorrow of your family and those who loved you as we did.

Contributed by Kitty's daughter, Holly

Kitty Wilson Family
(left to right) Kitty's granddaughter Ivy, son Scott, Kitty, husband Allan,
daughter Holly, son-in-law Matt, and grandson Jasper

By Warren Jennings
On January 10, 2016 several of Kitty's friends gathered at the home of
Bonnie and Bob Gonzalez for an informal tribute to Kitty. We shared our memories. Tom Brier played his newly-composed rag, "Vim and Vigor," which he dedicated to his dear friend, and "Saloon Sweetie." Lewis Motisher and I shot video and Lewis edited it. Please enjoy "Vim and Vigor."

Video produced and edited by Lewis Motisher (unigonfilms)

By Squeek Steele
As I began to think about Kitty Wilson over these last few months, and reminisced about the many times we'd played together in the last ten years, it occurred to me she more than contributed her musical talent. Kitty was the essence of music, KITTY WAS MUSIC. She bought her talent, her good musical taste, her energy, her love, and the performances radiated all of those qualities. I miss her terribly but I am grateful for every moment I spent with her. Her presence will be with me always.

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