West Coast Ragtime Society

Nan Bostick
March 2, 1943 - Mar 26, 2012

Lisa Exberger (Nan's Daughter-in-law)
After a painful battle with cancer, my Mother-In-Law Nan Bostick passed away this evening. Like every member of her family, she was an extremely gifted storyteller who used her passion and incredible talent in ragtime music as her medium to share her love and knowledge with the world. She was always the life of the party! The world will be a dimmer and duller place with her absence, but I am SOOO grateful I had the amazing good fortune to call her family for the last 18 years! 

Memorial Service
Will Locksmith Hawkins (Nan's son)
We are all sad that Mom (Nan) has left us and set out on her biggest and most profound adventure. So instead on morning our loss I would like to invite you all to come celebrate her life with us. Services for Nan will be held at the First Baptist Church of Menlo Park on April 28th from 2 to 5 in the after noon. We will have pianos to help play her out and an opportunity to share our memories and her life with each other. Please join us to celebrate my mom's amazing life.

If you can not attend mom thought it would be neat idea if I could set up a video camera and webcast the celebration. I will work as hard as I can to make this happen for anyone that can not make.

Thank you

Address of church:
1100 Middle Avenue
Menlo Park California 94025
(650) 323-8544

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Nan Bostick, of Menlo Park, CA, is the grandniece and biographer of Charles N. Daniels, the ragtime era composer and music publisher who helped Scott Joplin promote his first rag in 1899. As Nan will readily demonstrate at the piano, her "Uncle Charlie" composed some excellent rags himself along with such well loved standards as: Chlo-e: Song of the Swamp, She's Funny That Way, Sweet and Lovely, and You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine.

An avid scholar, educator, writer, and producer, Nan always adds a bit of history to the toe-tapping music she plays. She is the acknowledged "expert" on the ragtime era of Detroit and the "Indian Intermezzo" craze inadvertently initiated by her great uncle's 1901 hit Hiawatha. She continues tracking down details about ragtime's women composers, having co-authored the Lexicon of Ragtime's Women Composers with Dr. Nora Hulse.

Nan served on the board of the West Coast Ragtime Society and continues to coordinate the seminars at November's West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento. Her own multi-media seminars and concerts are warmly received at festivals throughout the country including the West Coast, Scott Joplin, Blind Boone, Lake Superior, Ragtime in Randall, and Indianapolis Classic Ragtime Festivals as well as the new Ragtime Street Fair at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI.

Nan recently retired from a career as a curriculum writer and educator and a Music Together® teacher for babies newborn to 4. Cuts from her first CD were used by Ken Burns in his recent PBS documentary "Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson." Nan's own ragtime compositions are featured on her subsequent CDs, also available via www.CDBaby.com.

2008 bio from West Coast Ragtime Society

Nan playing her 2003 composition, 'That Missing You Rag', January 14, 2012 at the home of Tom Hawthorne. 

Video by Lewis Motisher

With banjo

With John Reed-Torres

At Sutter Creek

At home

Artist in Residence 2012

Menlo Park 2006

Photos provided by Lewis Motisher

Interview of Nan at the 2011 Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, Sedalia, Missouri.

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