WCRS Ragtimer Newsletter - Online Version
Updated 7/12/2010. Previous Update 10/4/2009

In the Autumn 2006 issue of the mailed newsletter it was announced that beginning in January 2007 the West Coast Ragtime Society newsletter would be mailed to members and supporters only.  The cost of postage made it prohibitively expensive to mail as a promotional vehicle for the more than 1,000 names on the WCRS database.  We not only have to pay postage to mail the newsletter, we also pay $0.39 for every newsletter that is returned with an invalid address.  In the Autumn 2006 issue we did state that the newsletter would be posted to the website:  WestCoastRagtime.com 

Your membership in WCRS helps to defray the cost of producing and mailing the newsletter and assures that we have a valid address for each recipient of the newsletter.  Your membership also helps defray other WCRS administrative costs.
One of the benefits of belonging to WCRS is that the printed edition of the newsletter you receive by mail will include a printed copy of the sheet music donated by Tom Brier. Another benefit of your membership is a discount on the tickets to WCRS sponsored concerts.  But, most importantly, you will be helping to support the efforts to promote and encourage this wonderful vintage music. 
Membership dues are $20 for single membership and $30 for couples.  You may mail your membership check to:
West Coast Ragtime Society + P.O. Box 13346 + Sacramento, CA + 95813-3346
Click here for printable membership form.
Be sure to include member's name(s) and address.  Including your phone number and email address is nice, but optional.
Thank You for your continued support of the
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