Jack T. Rummel - Ragtime Biography

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Longmont, CO 80503

Jack Rummel was born in Tacoma, Washington. He took his early lessons from a neighborhood children’s piano teacher and later studied the rudiments of popular musical stylings from a local Tacoma bandleader. He became aware of ragtime in the 1950s due to some recordings by Joe “Fingers” Carr and Crazy Otto, but did not pursue its serious study until the 1970s when he was awakened to the classic rags of Scott Joplin and others through the recordings of Joshua Rifkin and Max Morath.

Since then, Jack has embraced ragtime as an avocation, starting with folio and record collecting, beginning composition in 1979, hosting a weekly radio program on a Denver area public radio station since 1980, writing articles and reviews for ragtime publications, and performing and lecturing at various festivals in Missouri, California and Colorado. He was a co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival in Boulder, CO and served as its president from 1992-2005. His four recordings and three published folios of original compositions have put him in the forefront of ragtime composers now living. He plays five-string banjo in a bluegrass band and practiced dentistry for 37 years before retiring in 2002. Jack received the 2005 Scott Joplin Award from the Scott Joplin Foundation in Sedalia, MO for his achievements in the field of ragtime. He currently reviews ragtime recordings monthly at www.ragtimers.org/reviews.